Personal Branding and Marketing from within our office.

Our in-house design studio is available to all our agents. It was created to assist the agent in all of their design needs. With the increase use of technology at our offices, it was important that we provide this service to all our agents.
Agents are now able to generate create new design for their marketing collaterals and social media. They are better able to articulate their message through their branding and are able to sit with our designers to go through even minute changes.
Our sole focus is to provide our agents with the best and accessible tools for them to thrive in their career. Our in-house design studio offers a competitive advantage to our agents.

How does the design studio work?

As part of our Technology team, we have a design studio which only focuses on serving our Sales Representative and their design needs.  Once you need a design, you will set up a meeting and sit down with our designers to go over your specific requirement and deadline. 

What is the cost of the design?

The cost of the design differ based on the time it take the designer to complete the task.  We only charge our Sales Representative the cost it takes to create the design and is much cheaper than other design houses. 

What if I don't have any photos, images or logo?

Don’t worry, our designer are expert in their field.  They will work with you to acquire the right image for you and deliver the perfect design.

We operate with a simple objective, which is to empower all our realtors through our resources, empowering them to exceed expectations.


– Rajeef Koneswaran, Broker/Manager

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